Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All Smiles

I'm so excited for my new playlist!!! Let me know what you think! Music always makes me so happy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I decided to unprivatize my blog. I never went to my blog because I had to log in every single time. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I never wanted to add to it. So it's open again. I don't like thinking I'm writing towards specific people (those on the list of approved readers). If I wanted to tell these people something I can call them or email them. This blog is for something else. Not sure what. But I like the idea of sharing some thoughts, ideas, pictures, or stories with people who might NOT know me so well. I don't even know if that happens--nor do I wish to--I just like it being a possibility. And then I like that my close family and friends can also check in on me a little.

So, unprivatized. Next step is for me to update my playlist. I've had this one going for a while and there is a great need for new music. I've burned CD's for people who've requested them, and I've been working for a few weeks now on potentials for my new list. COMING SOON!!

Every once in a while I have moments where I'm my favorite version of myself. These come without planning, without expectation, and without guilt. I love it. It's when I laugh freely, share without forethought, and experience each feeling, sense, or reaction for what it is. It's refreshing and helps me to hope or believe that I haven't lost myself too much with the monotonous day to day routines which find me cloaked in some role I'm playing for whichever task is at hand.

I was able to spend some time this weekend with some members of my family. One of my favorite things is to sit around and talk with them. It's the perfect balance of seriousness and humor, teasing and love, intellect and silliness all at the same time. Just sitting with Chris, Tiff, Dave, and Tiffany, playing games, talking politics, watching movies, eating, catching eachothers glances and reactions to our parents...priceless. It's like hitting a refresh button for me. Then they can send me back to my liberal playground.

Elise and Sarah--you were missed.