Friday, June 29, 2007

My First EVER Race!!

Yesterday I participated in my first ever fun-run/race along the Charles River. I am not a great runner. I am a swimmer. BUT I like to run on occasion and so I thought it would be enjoyable to participate in this 4 mile race. While doing so I discovered a few things...

1. I am more competitive than I think.
2. Tree roots can be dangerous obstacles!
3. It's a lot more fun to run with someone than run alone.
4. It is really hard to try to grab a cup of water as you run (and drink it? or do most people just pour it on their heads or faces? still trying to figure that out)
5. The Charles is BEAUTIFUL!!
6. I feel bad littering and carried the stupid plastic cup instead of throwing it on the ground.
7. There are a lot of cool young adults in the Boston area and this was a great way to meet some.
8. I really need new shoes!!
9. Although in the process I knew I was running at a faster pace than usual, and I was getting pretty tired and just wanted to walk the rest of the way, I kept it up and finished in like 38 minutes...not too bad for my first ever, right?
10. I still don't think a half or full marathon will ever be something I'll do--well, maybe a half...wait that's like 13 miles? NO. No I won't. But good for all you people who dig that kind of thing.

I will however be participating in the breast cancer research mile open water swim on the cape again this august. Anyone can swim with me if they want! Just something to think about.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Poor Car

One of the glorious things about being home is that I don't have to pay for much! I don't have to drive much either. It's so nice. This week my brothers car was having some trouble so I told him he could take mine one night if it would simplify his life a little. He took me up on my offer. He's been building his deck on his house. Poor guy! It sounds like really strenuous work. (sure glad I could offer my car and not my pink princess hands)

Two days after my brother borrowed my car I drove to his house with my mother to return his child (we'd taken him a few days) and to pick up my car. When I was leaving and got in my car a very foul odor emerged from somewhere. It smelled so so so so so bad!!! I think I'm kind of sensitive to smells. My first thought was my brother was out working all day, smelly, gross and took MY car to go get lunch!!! Sick!! My whole car is contaminated with his disgustingness!!! I rolled down all my windows and hoped my car would air out a bit on the way home.

To my huge disappointment, the next morning I left to go swimming and my car did not smell any better. Again, I rolled down all my windows and hoped air would flush the horrific smell outside. When I got home later I decided I needed to do more for my little car. Her name is Ruby and there's a story behind that, but another day. Ruby deserves more!! So I emptied everything out of my car, removed the floor mats and started cleaning out my car. I thought maybe some food was under the seat baking away---I had no idea what could smell so bad. There was no food under the seat, although I found ten bucks!!!!!!!! I needed that!

When I removed the rear floor mats I noticed one of them was damp. Gross. What could that be from? I had no idea. Go on cleaning. Car still REEKS!!!! I open the trunk. Hmm, the trunk. Not a lot in there. But this time there was something in there. A few weeks ago I went to play tennis with a couple of friends. One of the boys who came to play with us brought with him a gallon jug of water filled almost to the top. I remember after tennis, when I got my racket out of my trunk, that he had left this jug in there. I remember thinking, "I should move that." Let's call that a prompting...which I ignored.

As I looked into my trunk I discovered this jug of water on its side, cap off, and trunk very very wet. I also recognized the source of the stench. Not knowing how to really fix this problem, I grabbed a towel and tried to dry out what was left to dry out and I left all my windows down and trunk open for two days. I also took a special trip to the store to see if maybe fabric fabreeze could help me out.

Four days later, the smell is much better, but not entirely eliminated. I'm still working on it. But I have confidence that Ruby will recover. It was so bad!!!!

and I'm sorry Dave, for blaming you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Arranged Marriage

My parents called me a few weeks ago and told me (half-jokingly) that they met my future husband and they'd be happy to arrange it all for me. Not sure how to respond I think I said, Thanks. Then we went on to talk about other things. The next time I called they brought it up again. This time coming right out and offering to bring back arranged marriage. I laughed and wished them the best of luck in their adventure.

I drove home on Saturday. I always love coming home because it is a chance for me to break away from a lot of the pressure I put on myself in Boston. I really needed this break. On Sunday my parents again, told me about this boy and that they'd invite him over if it was OK with me. I said that I'd be happy to meet him. They had already called him and he was going to come over for dinner on Monday night and have family home evening with us. Hmm, I thought, not quite the meeting I had in mind. I was thinking later in the week when my sister was here (flying out on Wed!!) and my brother could be here (wedding on Monday) we could invite a lot of our friends over and have crabs...we'll probably do it anyway. There are some people I haven't seen in a while in DC who I wanted to invite anyway and then it would be like a social and not so awkward....BUT NO!!!!

Monday night I found myself sitting at my dinner table with my mom and dad, this boy, my younger sister Amanda, and my grandmother. It was difficult because this is not something my parents do. Forget playing anything cool, it was interrogation time. Both my parents asked him tons of questions, things I know they already knew the answers to, just for my benefit. It was so funny to me. A few times I even laughed out loud. He was a great sport though, kind of funny. I think he's probably been in this situation before. So he talked to my parents and I sat there eating my dinner.

(side note, my grandmother just came out of her room, humming the wedding march song...think I'm paranoid?)

After a while my brother and his wife came over and we all played bocce in the back yard. It was actually fun. During this time I was able to talk to him a little, so that was good. It's hard when you know your parents are probably going to give you feedback later, like why didn't you..., or why did you say....! This did come out later when it was obvious that my mother was not pleased with how I presented my undergraduate education at UVSC. That's what I said. I got my bachelors at UVSC. Then my mother proceeded to talk about honors and achievements and my choices of graduate schools. I love my mother. I was proud of myself for just smiling and saying, yes, that's true. Slightly awkward.

We also had scripture reading and analyzing time. I mean, this was FHE!!! Overall, it was a surprisingly pleasant evening. This guys was nice, funny, kind of charming. I can see why my parents were so excited about him. I've also had a lot of fun with some friends telling them about this and playing our new favorite game...Bringing Back A.M. Sometimes other people do see things we don't see.

end note: After he left my mother did say, "When he asked you how long you'd be here why didn't you say until the end of the month!!" I said, "I said this weekend, maybe Monday or Tuesday because that's the truth... when I got here I was planning on leaving Sat. Now that Sarah's coming I was thinking Sunday or Monday...don't worry mom, it'll be OK." she says, "well i just think you could have made yourself more available............." and it goes on!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Contributing Member of Society

I don't have a job right now. I graduated less than a month ago and at first it was fun. I went to lakes and ponds and beaches, went for long runs and played tennis. Life was beautiful!! After a while this kind of life gets old. And I've been watching LOST. I don't have a TV, nor do I watch a lot of it, so for me to tackle the first two seasons of this show is a huge big life change for me (maybe it's just that it's been a cold, cloudy week and playing outside isn't my favorite option) but nonetheless I have started to feel like I am a consumer, an absorber of resources, that I offer nothing.

This morning I decided (after watching like 4 episodes of LOST--kill me!) that I don't want to be a consumer any more. I am a productive, contributing member of society!! So I will get out of bed before 11 (decided at 12:30 --slight lie) and that I KNOW there are other things that I contribute although unemployed...

1. I can speak properly, read and write
2. I don't add to the obesity problem in our country-yet
3. I keep the environment clean by not smoking
4. I dispose of my trash in proper trash receptacles
5. I pile all my recycling near the trash can, but not IN the trash, so my roommates can take it out when they can't stand the piles anymore.
6. I try not to horrify others by avoiding such combinations as: jean shorts and loafers (with socks), open toe shoes with nylons, 90's plaid flannel with anything, and other such goodies.
7. I provide others with fun things to do on their days off.
8. I decided to pretend I don't have a car this week so I've been walking more (see #2) and using less gas (more because I don't want to pay for the gas, but I'm counting it)
9. I'm a potential risk for skin cancer so I can help out with scientific advancements in that area.
10. I'm available during the day to do such things as: watch landlords animals and plants, drive friends to and from the airport...when I'm not pretending I don't have a car
11. I'm great company!

This is valuable stuff!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

One of the best songs EVER!!!

In my humble opinion. I remember jumping on my trampoline as a kid listening to this song! It still makes me smile and dance around. I'd never really watched this video, but do NOT miss the guys head twitch/bob thing at the bell chime. Classic dance move!

Lately I've been on a quest to find these old songs that I've forgotten. I'm wondering what other songs I should be looking for...suggestions?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fancy Bird = Evil Bird

I am not a fan of birds, not sure why, but I think most are ugly and diseased. I was attacked by a huge white swan-like bird as a kid (not a swan) so maybe that has something to do with it. I was asked in a game of loaded question, if I could rid the world of three things what would they be. I'm not sure what my brilliant answer was completely but I know I included birds, but not the fancy birds. I remember this because this was later made a recurring theme in future loaded question games. Fancy birds.

Fancy birds meaning really beautiful rare birds that I had perhaps seen in books, nice colorful pictures...they're beautiful! But I take it back now, I'm taking it all back.

This weekend my landlord went out of town and asked if I'd feed his bird while he was away. I have told some people this before but I would rather clean someones bathroom than watch their children, plants or animals. I think it's just a lack of experience, but I'm just not one who likes to do this. I said I would.

He showed me through his disgusting apartment (I don't think I'd clean his bathroom...ever) where I found this large parrot-like bird (not a parrot). He told me that his bird doesn't really like women, but as long as I approach the bird with authority it won't question me. (What the H does that mean?) At this point I'm thinking, I don't like birds, but I'm certainly not scared of them.

So he leaves. Fast forward, 1st visit to the bird: There is a small food dish and a small water dish hanging on a wire at the front of the cage. I reach my hand in and the bird comes right over to where my hand is and flaps its wings and squawks at me. I quickly pull my hand back but yell at the bird "back off I'm getting you food" and then I go again. The bird repeats annoying behavior but I grab the food and do what I'm supposed to do as fast as I can. AND YES I WAS SCARED OF THE BIRD!!!

Next day, forgot, sorry bird.

The next day I remember the bird. I go upstairs and its food dish is empty. This time it allows me to get the food dish without any problem. As soon as I fill it and put it back its there eating it and I can't get to the water which looks really really sick. So I figure I'll come back. Hours later I return and now the bird is back to its usual annoying self, squawking and flapping at me. Its making this very difficult but yet I feel like the bird needs better water. So I go quickly to grab the water. As I do the bird lunges at me and I spill some of the delicious contents of the water/regurgitated food mixture on my clothes. NEVER have I smelled something so sick and disgusting. The strong stench of vomit is way too much for me. I quickly dump it in the sink and refill it. Want to throw it at the bird, but put it back and go back to my apartment.

I wash my hands about three times and throw the shirt i was wearing in the washing machine. Yet the smell still won't go away!!! I then change my pants and add them to the washer. Then I took a shower. Finally the smell went away.

I hate ALL birds

(except woody woodpecker)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where I am

Life seems really challenging right now. I feel like I have so many decisions to make and think I keep screwing that up making the wrong ones. I also don't feel like I have too much control over certain parts of my life. So, I try to combat those thoughts with lines like, "I can make hard decisions!" , "This is not out of control or too much", "Jesus loves me, this will work out!", "I am capable, talented, smart, I need to be patient" and other don't-freak-out-Linda messages.

My favorite part is my difficulty sleeping. Last night I don't think I fell asleep until like 2:30 or so. Wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't really really tired. So I lay there. THINKING!!! That is the worst!!! Too much time to be harassed by my own thoughts. But I'm proud of myself. I remember thinking that I have so many blessings, trying to focus on those. Honestly, I get kind of dramatic if it's 2am and I'm really tired. Everything get blown out of proportion and productive thinking stops. Hence my pride in wanting to recognize my blessings and not focus on everything that sucks. Problem was that when I tried to think of my blessings not much came...enter my dramatic limited productive thinking in the early morning hours. Luckily, I fell asleep (although I had some crazy dreams!!! Jeez!!)

So I was thinking I'd start out this morning with some of the blessings I should have recalled last night...But now I don't really think that I want to.

See where I am!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stuff To Add Part II

I am not necessarily a fan of posting tons of pictures here, but I am just excited about some of the cool stuff I've been able to do since graduating from school...

Red Sox game, curtosy of M.E. and her well-to-do-boss who gave us his fantastic seats and VIP parking...WOOHOO!!Our seats were behind home plate, padded and we even had waiters...I've never experienced baseball like this!!
I also got to see Pete Sampris and John McEnroe play at BU. Yes, John threw a fit and it was awesome!!

Canoeing down Concord river...Beautiful place!!

Shot rang out around the world...kindof a nice place!!