Thursday, May 29, 2008

I guess I should apologize

...but I won't. I've been busy. I went to Hawaii!!!! and I work a LOT. And work has been crazy. It's been a rough couple of weeks at work, but overall, things are going well. In fact, I think some of my not-posting is a result of not much happening. I've got nothing BUT:

* I'm tearing up right now watching LOST because Jin just blew up on the freighter. It's really dramatic.

* I bought tickets to a small concert for the Submarines yesterday, but then found out they didn't go on stage until 11:30pm. I opted to stay home and go to bed.

* I'm not crazy about the new Death Cab single they're playing on the radio which is disappointing.

* I don't like REM. I think I liked them ok in middle/high school, but if you want to make a comeback you have to somehow impress. I'm not impressed. It's boring. Wahh Wahh Wahh is what he sounds like.

* I still love Red Hot Chili Peppers. That's good.

* I got in another fender bender a few months ago which was a HUGE downer.

* I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!!!

* I think I need to quit my job. soon.

* I am always happy when I'm near a beach. I think I should go closer to one.

* I recently joined Netflix and I've been on an Alfred Hitchcock kick. Good stuff! But I actually joined for the purpose of getting the first disc of Scooby Doo Where are you? and HeMan. We were having a cereal and Saturday morning cartoons gathering. Brilliant.

*I've been watching WAY too much TV lately. I think it's a direct result of work stress. But realization is the first step to positive change (sometimes). So tomorrow I pledge to start my healthy lifestyle again.

* I just saw an ad for "I survived a Japanese Game show" I think our society has hit a HUGE low. It's really depressing. But that could be a funny show.

* I love it when I laugh so hard I cry. It doesn't happen too often. But a few weeks ago I was telling some friends a story about the time I left a note on a boy's car. It was such a pathetic story--all details--that I could hardly speak and tears were flowing.

* speaking of talking to this group of friends, they've all recently moved. I'm not joking when I say that the people I've spent most of my time with over the last year and a half have ALL relocated to LA. Is that place really that magical? Why is EVERYONE going there? But I am a sheep...perhaps I will follow. (I'm NOT a sheep).

*I went to Rockport on Memorial Day. It's a small New England town north of Boston. It was such a great day. We went for the lobster. We found a little seafood shack-type place in between fancy boutiques and each bought a HUGE steamed lobster. My lobster was steaming, tossed in a paper plate/bowl thing and came with a side of melted butter. It was DIVINE!! I'm going again.

*every morning when I drive to work I listen to the same radio morning show. Each morning I get to hear them pose a question and survey people. It's really funny and something I look forward to everyday. Today they shared the story of a Canadian couple who decided they didn't want their new baby and tried to sell in on Craigslist. The question was: should you be able to sell your baby on Craigslist? So entertaining!!!!!

As you can tell, I could go on forever. and I'm still watching LOST. So I'll stop here but say that I hope to blog again. AND I'll share pictures. There are a lot of pictures to share: Hawaii, Earthfest, Rockport, the Arboretum, and just lots of random stuff. and if you're not interested--too bad.