Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So much to add.... Part I

So much has been happening!!! Life is good. really good. I have now graduated with my Masters in Social Work from Boston College. I am very excited!! Graduation was May 21st. That weekend my dear brother David drove to Boston with his wife Tiffany and son Max. We have a lot of fun when we get together. I thought it would be a good idea to invite some friends over for a roaring sing-your-heart-out music night at my house. I told Dave to bring his guitar and then invited some friends over. We BBQ'd and then sang all night long. I was really concerned about our neighbors, but no one said a word. I LOVE Davis Square!! Here we all are gathered in my living room. My friend Jared also brought his guitar and he and Dave and Julie played together so we could sing along to America, Bread, Weezer, Bon Jovi, Brandi Carlile, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Beatles, Elliot Smith, James Taylor, Chili Peppers and other stuff. It got pretty crazy!
There is something about a room full of people singing like they were born to be on stage, yet no stage. It was a lot of fun. And Max made it even better!!
This is me acting really excited, getting everyone psyched to sing sing sing!! Seth and Jared look on--probably at Max. He was our competition for attention.
Cute little guy isn't he?
and here's the crew--I'm thinking this should be done more often.
So this is all in anticipation for my Graduation. My parents arrived as we were singing and I think my favorite part was my going out to meet my parents, my dad gets out of the car and can hear people singing in my apartment--loud--i think it was a Bon Jovi song--he says, "sounds like a Sunday night" SLAM!!! and we were all ashamed. For a minute.
So this is my graduation!!

I must say taking tons of pictures in this flattering gown was just what i wanted to do all morning, so we didn't do too many. Thankfully!!
Aren't my parents lovely? They are such good people!
Amanda is my 12 year old sister. She's pretty cool and we have a lot of fun together.
I'm showing off the fact that I have a fantastically brilliant hood that no one was wearing correctly. We had to go around and fix every ones.
me and the wee family. We spent the next day going to Plymouth. It's a cute town. I had heard so many negative things about the rock that I thought it would be the worst trip ever, but i guess when expectations are so low you can be pleasantly surprised. I had a great time!! Dave and Tiffany left from there while I went out to dinner with my parents and Amanda in the North End. Good times!!

Here we are on our scenic route to the north end. hail mighty freedom trail. My parents were great and did not want to budge from the brilliantly outlined brick guide through Boston.
not the real Mayflower. Don't be fooled!!
So this is the rock. Plymouth rock. enshrined.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


not just from the blog--it seems life in general!! and I've been thinking about this blog, thinking about erasing it, but then there are things here I don't want to get rid of. and to be perfectly honest, i want to keep posting but I'm kind of going through a rough patch...if you will.

and I don't want to post stuff like this:

I turned in my final paper of my graduate school experience a few weeks ago. It was crap. Well, it generally addressed the topic, so not complete crap, but I deserve the C I received. C's mean degree's right? I pass the class NO PROBLEM!!

But I've lost a lot of motivation (even prior to this paper being done obviously). I've had almost two weeks of doing NOTHING. Graduation is Monday. Nothing is: I played tennis 4 out of 5 days last week, went to the beach once, Walden pond twice, visited the MFA, picnicked among fancy trees, camped at Lake Winnepesaukee, cheered at the 1/2 marathon there, have eaten so much food it's ridiculous, and today I went canoeing. and again to be perfectly honest, I'm FORCING myself to leave my house and do these things. I really would love to just stay in my room.

What am I doing? I'm done with school, I have this degree, my bishop told me my next step is to get married, and I'm looking around and I feel lost. There's nobody here I want to marry. I need a job, but I haven't followed up on anything. I'm running out of money, and the money thing freaks me out!!

So, I'm avoiding stuff, projecting my negative feelings on others (my education is paying off), but it actually helps me to get rid of some of this stuff...wow!

So Sarah and Tiffany (and my other faithful reader friends) maybe my next post won't be so depressing. I am hopeful!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

can't wait for monday!

Ben's voice is SO soothing to me and his songs I love!!! I have loved this guy for so long and am really excited to see him on Monday with out the band! He's playing at the Somerville theatre which is this really small venue two minutes away from my house. Maybe he'll follow me home.

seriously, i have like a 9 year crush on this guy.