Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I think it's funny how sometimes a person with go to great lengths to address an issue (or ignore it) to just have all that energy wasted as an element outside of the persons control contradicts all the work being done.

an example...

I work a few times a month at a center that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. This place is very well known for it's work and philosophy in addressing this population. The rules for being a part of the program are very specific and detailed (as are the rules for working there). All these rules and regulations allow the program participants to live in a safe environment where they are supported in working to overcome their addictions and behaviors that feed the eating disorder. To accomplish this meals, conversations, activities, EVERYTHING is monitored and redirected when eating disorder behaviors are brought up.

So funny story...

I worked this weekend and I was pondering the severity of these many rules and regulations and debating the importance of them all (in my head) because these ideas fascinate me. We have carefully monitored all words and behaviors so as not to stir up someones issues. We go to the movies and sit down. Each person has their previously bagged snack to eat and are excited to get out of the house. As soon as we sit down the screen is showing those interesting pop-up facts and trivia which are always interesting. We are sitting for about thirty seconds and reading these facts (I did know that the name Wendy was created for Peter Pan and there were no records of a Wendy prior to that). So like I was saying...sitting for 30 seconds and guess what pops on the screen:

On average, a human will take in 600, 000 pounds of food during a lifetime. That's the equivalent of 6 elephants.

There was a quiet hush among our company, and then laughter. At least we can laugh about the absurdity. Seriously. True story. I love stuff like this!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My New Route

I'm pretty excited about my new running route and so I wanted to show it off. I now work on the South Shore and I decided to pack my running stuff and go to the beach after work. It works out great because by the time I get home it's dark. So today, after my run, I decided to take some pictures: It's darker obviously because It's after my run, but the beach is nice and there is a paved sidewalk along the beach too so I can choose my surface!
There is even a little park at the end of my run that leads to a lake! How great is that?!?!

So yeah, a road goes along the sidewalk but on the other side of me it's the ocean, and on the other side of the road some fantastically quaint houses! So New England!

Now all I want is a good running partner. No one at work will run with me. The other day I met up with a friend and we went for a good run together. It's so much better when I can talk to someone and I forget how long I've been running or when I'm done or how much my foot hurts or whatever it is. For now it's just my ipod and me...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

wish i was a screamer

Last night I went to my friends house. We enjoyed taking her roommates cookies, eating sorbet and talking about our latest stories of triumph or woe. Eventually we found ourselves laughing and video clips on Youtube (thanks America's Most Stupidest Model). As we were loading our next video SCREAMS shattered our peaceful evening. This wasn't a single lonely scream. A woman outside was screaming--like in a horror movie. I find a few things interesting about this.

1. Have I become so desensitized that I didn't automatically spring from my comfortable place on the couch to see what was happening?

2. It took both my friend and I about 20 seconds and 4 lung-filled, silence shattering screams before I turned to my friend and said, "Is this normal for your neighborhood?"

a. My question implies that if this is normal this person does not need assistance.
b. But I think my first reaction was that this was a playful scream or something which also doesn't make sense.
c. What is wrong with me?!?!?!

So we go to the window and call out to see if she is OK. The girl is standing on her porch across the street and calls back to us. She explains that there was a man walking toward her with a gun pointed at her. There were people out on their porches finding out what was happening now. The girl had been walking home and just as she turned to her porch she saw the man coming with the gun so she screamed. Bloody loud I might add. She had a brilliant scream!!

This also has me thinking. I'm not a screamer. Granted I've never been in this situation before (or one comparable) but I know I'm not prone to screaming. The man bolted when she started screaming. What would I have done? I have a ridiculously exaggerated startle response. I've been known to automatically punch or react in some way when startled. But again- I'm not violent. I'll punch to prove a point (it's mostly people I know laughing at how easily startled I am) otherwise I just get really quiet and my heart pounds. I'm like DEFENSELESS!!! So I'm thinking about this. If I saw a guy coming toward me with a gun...I've decided by now I'd probably run. We were pretty close to Mass Ave, close to Harvard Square. I could've run up there-better lighting, more cars and people. I guess I'm bothered that I have no clue what I would've done in that moment. Probably run...probably. I wish I was a screamer.

Monday, October 15, 2007

All Good Things!

1. Americas Most Smartest Model--I hate that I get sucked into such shows. It's not one I'll go out of my way to watch like The Office or America's Next Top Model, but if I am killing 20 minutes and it's on, I am HIGHLY entertained.

2. Salt-N-Pepa-- As I was watching AMSM there was an advertisement for the Salt-N-Pepa reunion show. How great is that?!?!?! Again, I probably won't watch it, but I had a great time "educating" one of my roommates on the duo. She'd never heard of them or heard any of their stuff...how is that possible?!

3. En Vogue --As I shared some S-n-P songs for my roommate, I was able to reminisce about other great music. Favorite song of 9th grade? Free your mind, En Vogue. It's still a good thing.

4. Border Cafe in Harvard Square - Although I miss Cafe Rio more than I should, I love this place. It's atmosphere beats Cafe Rio, I just really want a good salad.

5. Elder Holland - I guess I should say here that these things are NOT listed in order of importance. I LOVED hearing him speak so many times this weekend. It felt so personal and I really needed the pick-me-up. There is no way to do justice in explaining how much his words and presence effected me.

6. Good Friends - I know it's vague. But one thing Elder Holland mentioned in his first keynote address was the idea of looking to the right and left and learning from the people around us; Learning together. Throughout this weekend I was able to get some great new insights and ideas from wonderful friends that I really value.

7. Burdicks Hot Chocolate - Dark hot chocolate European style...sweetened yourself? mmm good.

8. New England Fall - apple picking, pumpkin festivals, head of the charles, foliage, jackets and sweaters, Salem, Halloween....

9. Hour Long Office Episodes

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Such is the Life of a Boston Social Worker

This weekend my brother left me a voicemail. I keep listening to it because that is how happy it makes me:

Hey Linda-What's up? Haven't talked to you for like a month--since you've been working in the professional world for a month as a ROMANTIC Social Worker. You probably spend additional hours volunteering at a local good will--wearing second-hand sweaters--eating oatmeal--maybe even adopted a stray cat--picked one up from a shelter...Such is the life of a Boston Social Worker! Give me a Call!

I wish I could communicate his voice-the intonation. So So Great!! Sadly, I haven't had a moment to call him back yet. I will today!

But I've decided that it may be a good idea (and cheaper for me) to embrace some of these ideas. I don't think volunteering at a good will is really my thing, but there are So many other great places to volunteer! Get involved in the community=eat and shop less=pay my bills. Don't think i want to adopt a cat, but hey-volunteer with children and it's kind of the same thing. Two things-DONE! Second-hand sweaters? I have a lot of sweaters already, how about i just don't buy anymore? I'm also going to throw in fan like, floor length skirts with funky patters. The louder the better--with Birkenstocks!!! ooh-I just got excited. Everyone will know just how much I CARE!!! Oatmeal...OK, well maybe cream of wheat. (sensing a theme here) Embrace my new poverty...Such is the life of a Boston Social Worker!

and my goodness isn't it Romantic!!