Sunday, December 12, 2010


One of the really awesome things about my job is that I get great vacation time. In fact, I get so much great vacation time that I can't seem to use it all. I'm losing a bunch of vacation hours when 2011 comes round. That's alright though. I have attempted to squeeze some things in here. Like Panama!

I went to Panama for the week of Thanksgiving with some wonderful friends. I have no complaints about this trip! It was a true vacation. We sat by the pool and read, then for a change of scenery we walked down the jungle lane to our own beach, then when we got tired of the salt water we walked back up to our pool. We read and read and read--I finished the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, some smutty beach read that I don't remember the title of, and then the Help. Really great reads! Then we ate, nothing too remarkable but good food.

We did encounter a rainy day that limited our beach sitting, so ventured into El Valle which was an amazing day! We found mud baths, sat in natural hot springs, zip lined through rain forests, over waterfalls...hmm. It was so beautiful!

Here's where vacation is accomplished--I didn't think about work, people, the cold air of Boston, or anything! I forgot it was the end of November, not summer everywhere, I let the sun bake me, I lathered sun screen like it was my job for the week, and all good things!!! It was also just long enough that the last day I did feel like I had my fill and was ready to get back to life. Three weeks later I'm ready to go back to Panama where it's warm. I've decided one of the best sensations is the warm sun massaging your bare shoulders.


Likely said...

take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need some sun!! the sun is so good for the soul eh?

I saw some pictures of your vacay on facebook from a friend of yours but comments weren't allowed... I looked like a dream and you looked so sunned and pretty.

I was going to email or call you tonight or tomorrow to talk to you about something.... let's chat.

and let's go to panama!

The Thomas Family said...

Ohh it does sound wonderful. I wonder when I'll ever do something like that in the future.
The pics on FB did look wonderful!! If you have sooooo much vacay time you should come see me more!!

Inger said...

Linda, it sounds like a dream.

Ted said...

And you have a beautiful tan!!

Allison said...

i am so completely jealous. sounds amazing! glad to hear you are doing good. merry christmas.

Tiff said...

Take me with you next time!!!

I love reading smutty books while eating and lying by the pool!

Julie said...

I hear ya on coming back to the cold. We recently encountered that same thing with our cruise a week ago.