Friday, February 27, 2009

It may seem sarcastic, but it's not 2/27

Dear Parking Ticket Fairy,

I have lived in Boston for nearly 4 years now. I have never encountered a profession in which I have been as impressed with the personnel in terms of their dedication, availability,endurance, and vision. More than once I have thought I could outsmart you, get away with disregarding parking rules and regulations. Although I have gotten by at times without incident, more often than not, you have been there to help me understand the importance of orderly parking and public safety. When I have parked in a parking space limited to 2 hours, and I don't get back until it's been 2 hours and 10 minutes, I am AMAZED that my ticket is stamped at 2 minutes past the allotted time. You're dedication is to be admired. When it's snowing, white-out conditions, the parking spaces are filled with plowed snow, it makes no difference to you. You will make sure every loading zone is clear and parking meter valid. Rain or shine, I see you nearby, lurking, waiting for the second my meter runs out. It is impressive.

Today I left my car for three minutes in a loading zone and I saw you leaving the $55 dollar ticket on my windshield. Thank you. Thank you for keeping me on my toes, for keeping me from thinking I can get away with a loading zone pause.

If only your dedication and loyalty to your responsibilities could be mirrored in other professions. Cable people, phone companies, cashiers, professors, employers even--They could all learn from your vision of a better world, with rules and regulations, where no one gets away with ANYTHING.

Thank you.


Likely said...

i love it. You are right. the parking fairies are to be commended and admired. They are always on top of their game. Even if their game is ruining my day.

The Thomas Family said...

Ahha! That's really funny. Your last point really is fascinating though... a perfect example of how the world should work.
Sorry about the $55 bones. Just a drop in the bucket, right?

Natalie said...

Ok, so I cannot stop chuckling! You are so funny Linda, and SOO right on. If only everyone would show up when they are supposed too (I am thinking back to my 4 hour wait for the cable guy to show up last week) and do what they are paid to do, our lives would go so much smoother! And hello, responsibilty?!?! That's really what is boils down to. Thanks for the laugh, even though I know you were totally serious!!

Cara said...

I LOVED this compliment! I wish I could have this same attitude the day of a ticket... but for some reason mine is always the exact opposite :) Good idea for your Lent thing...